May 18, 2013

Are YOU an Allure Beauty Enthusiast?

I'm sure most of you read, and/or are also a subscriber to Allure magazine. And maybe some of your are already a member of their Allure Beauty Enthusiast team, which you can sign up: here.
I just recently found out about this and new to this. . ."program" or site and am excited to share with you my first experience as an Allure Beauty Enthusiast member!
Before we go on that, let me just explain to those who don't know what this is. As an Allure subscriber and as an Allure Beauty Enthusiast you have a chance to share your opinions on beauty products by filling out surveys they feature and be one of the few chosen ones to test out future or up and coming beauty products! But this post is about joining a panel group and hear our answers and opinions in the beauty department!
Since I just signed up recently, I wasn't expecting an email a week later if I would be interested in joining a group panel in their New York office to answer a few questions in regards to beauty; my favorite beauty products, how do I shop for beauty products and so on! Of course I was not going to say no! I filled out the survey that was linked to the email. Got a call a few days later from Allure and answered a few more beauty questions; share a little bit of myself, what do I do, what do I blog about and what new beauty products am I using now and how did I find out about it. After five minutes over the phone, I was invited to come to their Meet and Greet the following week to join a panel of other Allure Beauty Enthusiasts and answer few more beauty questions. 
Can I just say, how super excited I was to be invited to Allure's New York Office?!? I could not hold my excitement all week! That all my husband hears from me was about this upcoming "Meet and Greet with Allure"(that's what they called the event is). He has been super supportive and all ears about it too, and now he has to listen to me talk about what happened during the meet and greet, hehehe. I will give him a break that's why I'm blogging this. Pus I want to share with you guys what the opportunities you can get from being an Allure Beauty Enthusiast!  I may not be a member for long but you can just add this to your pro-list of why you need to sign up to another beauty website, ok?!
So yesterday was the Meet and Greet at Allure's office in Conde Nast Building in New York. I was hoping to bump into Anna Wintour but I'm sure she had her own private elevator in the building somewhere! It was held in their conference room and I sat down with 10-12 other girls with the Allure Beauty Enthusiast Team. For 45 minutes, we were just talking about beauty stuff! Where do we get our information about our favorite and upcoming new beauty products; how important is social media and how does this influence us and so on. Obviously, the 45 minutes was not enough to share all that we want to talk about from hair care to skin care to makeup (eye, lips and face products! Beauty is a broad topic and 45 minutes is not just enough!) Time went by pretty quick when you enjoy what you're talking about and discussing this with fellow beauty "junkies"; other girls who loves to try and find new beauty products out there as well is pretty comforting! *That's why I love following a lot of beauty bloggers! It makes me feel part of a great beautiful community of beauty junkies like me!
Before we left, they have given each one of us a goodie bag that includes their June2013 issue magazine and a few products that is shown in the picture below. 

above: Allure's main entrance door on the 10thFl; below: the goodie bag (June2013 issue, Pantene Age Delay Conditioner, Revlon  Colorburst Lipgloss in Peony and CoverGirl Lashblast 24hr mascara)

Disclaimer: I am not asked or paid by Allure to tell you guys about the Allure Beauty Enthusiasts program. This is just my own personal experience as a member. In addition to what they say on their website, I just want you to add this tidbit when you're debating if you want to sign-up or not. I have not reviewed a product from them yet, hopefully soon. Just like other focus groups, you will not always be chosen when they need a group panel for a survey or study so this may not happen at all with you or not after a few months or years or weeks! Keep in mind when you least expect it, then that's when good things happen or better!


  1. Wow how cool is that to go to Allure's offices! It sounds like you had a great time.

  2. Yes it was an experience I'd definitely add to my "best days ever!" list =)