April 1, 2015

De-Stress Yourself

We all have those days where it was just not going the way it is. This may be at work, while driving or waiting for your train or cooking or even at your shopping hour. So you get home, you just want to forget about this day...How do you destress yourself? A bubble bath perhaps? An online retail therapy? A whole 16" pizza? Or with a Ben&Jerry's and Netflix? 

Here are a few of what I have been using lately to calm not just my hormones but my skin before I break out from stress. So sit down and relax with your favorite box of chocolates or cupcake and let me give you some ideas on how to destress some more!

Besides taking that hour long bubble bath at the end of the day let's not forget your face which shows signs of stress as well. I break out a lot if I overly stress myself, so once a week I do give myself a nice de-stressing session with these great beauty product finds!

It's more than a candle!

Destiny Candle
3-in-1 candle 
8oz glass: $24.99 / 8oz tin: $24.99 / 4oz tin: $14.99
This luxury candle brings a nice aroma to your space (may that be while taking a bath or in your bedroom or reading area) and when it melts it turns into a nice body oil! Made with all natural ingredients and essential oils that will leave your skin moisturized and smelling great. PLUS at the bottom of each candle you will find a ring! Yes a jewelry that may have a retail value between $10-$10,000! How exciting is that?!?

The jewelry is wrapped in aluminum foil so it's such a surprise until you get to the bottom of your Destiny Candle! It comes in different scents and to buy your own Destiny Candle go here:
update 4/2/15: to get 20% off your Destiny Candle purchase use the code:

Pure Dead Sea Mud Facial Mask
Available on Amazon.com for $24.99 
This Dead Sea Mud Facial mask is great to remove all the impurities and grime from you skin. This Dead Sea Mud is made with 100% pure, natural and certified organic ingredients. It's also infused with Dead Sea minerals and essential oils which will leave your skin clean, fresh and blemish free.
The directions says to put a nice, thick layer on and wait 10-15 5-10mins before adding water to your mask and gently rub your face in circular motion while washing it off.
When I applied this on, it had that cooling, tingly sensation to it, which I think of as the mask working it's way through my skin and getting all the impurities out, like deep pore cleaning. Also, I had a blemish on my skin which I noticed the next day got smaller! This is my first time using a mud mask and now I don't let a week pass without using this mud mask.

Founded in Key West in 1971, we were the FIRST company to use Aloe Vera as the foundation of all out products, and now after 40 years of business and research, we continue to produce leading Aloe-based skin and hair care formulations in our founding state of Florida.
We all know Aloe Vera is great to soothe and nourish inflamed, dry skin or from a sun burn. I was very excited to have been introduced to this brand since I love aloe vera based skin care products which we are slowly seeing becoming part of a lot of skincare products. For everyday quick de-stressing, these products have been great keeping my skin hydrated, glowing and feeling refreshed. 
  • The Gentle Aloe Facial Cleanser has 30% Aloe. It has a nice citrusy, fresh smell to it which makes me want to go to Key West so bad! This cleanser removes all my eye and face makeup really well. Yes, even the waterproof mascara without any residue left. 
  • Night Moist has 80% Aloe and kept my face very well moisturized but not feeling greasy the next day. I apply this every night after...
  • KWA Optimal Results which is a thicker cream with 60% Aloe content, grape seed oil, hyaluronic acid as some of it's key ingredients. This product (supposedly) diminishes fine lines and wrinkles. I do notice my makeup goes on smoother and does not crease into my fine lines. This do keeps my skin very well hydrated and moisturized and I have noticed my skin feeling softer and glowing!
  • Oatmeal Facial Scrub I liked using this on nights I just wanted a gentle exfoliation instead of using my Clinique Sonic Brush. This has 20% Aloe, apricot seeds and papaya and apple extracts to help rejuvenate skin.  

*beauty tip I learned from another blogger (BeautyGoodies): These sample packet lasted me two weeks! I used it once a day at night. Using a sanitized safety pin, I poked a small hole on the packet. This gives you more control on how much comes out and it keeps the product from drying out as well! No bacteria gets into the product so you can keep using it until the last squeeze.

Introducing Nordic Beauty featuring Marine Collagen Peptide from Norway.
Nordic Beauty is a 100% natural and organic skincare line. These products are all natural, feature organic ingredients, proven to fight signs of aging and results in a huge benefit in moisture- softening the skin and helping to heal dry skin.

4oz/ 120 mL: $130
Our marine collagen peptide comes from cold water wild caught deep sea Norweigan Cod Skin. We use a technology that purifies, hydrolyze and uses an enzymatic process to separate specific amino acids.
The Youth Collagen Peptide Cream is a cream that is super hydrating and really softens the skin. It has proprietary formulation of marine collagen peptides from Norway, organic lingonberry extract and organic iris stem cells.
 I used this on my face and the cream balled up as I rub it in since it was reacting to my sunscreen which I have applied before this. So I use this right now for my neck part only. NEVER forget your neck when moisturizing! As we age the skin in our neck as well age and sags, so you want to keep your neck skin nice and firm, and hydrated.

I love the smooth, creamy consistency of this product and the collagen will help keep my skin from aging too soon. It sinks to the skin really well as long as you did not put any other moisturizer before applying this. I rub my hands together afterwards to hopefully help my dry, wrinkly hands from drying out.

After adding these products to my skincare routine, I have noticed great improvement with my skin, and makeup application has been flawless! If you're interested to know more any of the products mentioned, just click on their names to directly go to the product links!
And finally, pour yourself a glass of your favorite vino or bubbly or tea and celebrate YOU!
Cheers for surviving today's misfortunes!
Cheers for tomorrow will be better!

*all products were sent by each company for a blog review but all opinions here are 100% mine! Go to the Disclosure Policy tab for full blog disclosure!

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